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Passion for personal development gave birth to Akademia Osiągnięć (Achievement Academy) – training initiative run by Marek Waberski, an entrepreneur and business practitioner who for 17 years headed one of Poland’s largest sales networks for financial products. Part of Achievement Academy is Klub Rozwoju Osobistego (Personal Development Club) RO-Partners – Poland’s first multilevel affiliate program aimed to use modern online tools to build and nurture a community focused on the idea of personal development.

Characteristic deployment components

Key component of IT solution we designed for Achievement Academy was a dedicated Training Unit, which they use to manage ticket sales for their events.

Training Unit supports following functionality:

  • Manage current training portfolio
  • Define various types of tickets for events
  • Automatic generation of tickets in PDF format with unique QR codes
  • Create attendance sheets
  • Categorize courses by subject

Facebook integration

Training Unit includes tools to promote courses, including sharing information about each course using post to Facebook with embedded referral links. Using this link, each affiliate can quickly and easily promote specific training among their friends.

Discount codes

To further boost growth of RO-Partners community, its existing members can generate discount codes (indefinite or time-limited) at maximum 10% off list price and send them directly to friends. If a friend uses the code, applicable commission is payable to code’s “owner”.

Virtual Stores for Affiliates

Selling courses by members of an affiliate program has never been easier. For Achievement Academy, we developed a dedicated engine which enables each affiliate to maintain their own Virtual Store in selected subdomain. Affiliates send this link to their friends and earn commission from each purchase through their stores. This tool is simple, easy and a great sales stimulator!

Attracting new members using external content

Creator of Achievement Academy also came up with unique idea for a promo unit, designed specifically for this assignment. It’s called “External Links”. The idea behind this component is to use intrinsic potential of any web content to lure new members to the RO-Partners community. System administrator adds any link, eg. to company Facebook site, interesting book, or a text about personal development, to a list. This link is encrypted so that each affiliate received a unique version. Sending this link to a friend assigns this person to referral structure for 90 days. If within that period the recipient buys a training course, the affiliate who sent this link will receive commission.

Affiliate banners

Similar to other affiliate programs, RO-Partners uses an extensive section of affiliate banners. For each course, the administrator provides a set of promo banners in various sizes. Affiliates can easily download HTML code which controls display of specific banner on their web pages and blogs. After clicking this banner, user is redirected via affiliate link to course landing page. Commission from this purchase goes to the person who published the banner.

The affiliate program for Achievement Academy is a work in constant progress. It’s mottos are “full automation” and “online promotion”. Based on these ideas, we optimise business processes, and invent and deliver additional tools for partners.


  • Pre-deployment evaluation, develop concept and implement iStruct, the IT solution
  • Provide post-deployment support

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