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Industry: Dietary Supplements


“Over the last 20 years, I have handed millions of PLN to thousands of people around Poland. Today, I am honored to invite you to a showcase of a special company – Duo Life.” These were the words of Ryszard Rembiszewski, known in Poland as the father of the Polish State lottery or “LOTTO,” before the project’s launch.

Distinctive deployment components

Duo Life is perfection epitomized. An extremely committed customer team allowed us to focus on the most important business processes, and incorporate them into the application. One of the processes has to do with the enrollment of new members of the DuoLife Club — sample affiliate link: http://admin.myduolife.com

Also important, is that Duo Life is the owners’ second MLM business. The first one was Galeria Usług (Service Gallery), a multiplatform that is one of the largest alternative sales channels in Poland. Duo Life is a complementary project with a similar idea that shares some of Galeria Usług’s technology.

Scope of support under the project:

  • Delivery of the iStruct IT system and post-deployment support
  • Operating and strategic consulting

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