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Distribution model: Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) See More ›

Industry: Dietary Supplements


Earth Power International distributes a herbal tonic based on the MLM model, both in Poland and abroad – even in Asia!.

Distinctive deployment components

What makes this project stand out from others delivered by InSee is the fact that Earth Power has a branch office in Indonesia. This proved to be a challenge in many ways, including:

  • Our need to ensure top quality post-deployment support in spite of a 6-hour difference in time zones.
  • Our need to cater to a different culture, with its own business practices, manifested in a different way of using software.

So far, Earth Power International is a single-product business. Such MLM schemes have one specific thing in common: the starter set. This forced us to develop an extensive enrollment path. EPI’s system has many interesting and diverse motivational programs, including an Auto Program that we had to deal with during development.

Scope of support under the project

  • Delivery of the iStruct IT system and post-deployment support
  • Developing the first revision of the compensation plan, complete with quantitative analysis
  • Consulting

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