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Industry: Dietary Supplements


Initiation of our cooperation with HappyCo was a very special and rewarding event. An experienced, international management team guaranteed careful selection of software vendors from all over the world. We feel extremely honored to have been supporting HappyCo since December 2011, when the multilingual version of iStruct for MLM was launched.

Distinctive deployment components

In discussing the HappyCo deployment, one must cite the new structure tree presentation algorithm — the binary tree in this case. The optimization applied, allowed us to obtain several-times-faster structure visualization.

Moreover, for purposes of system implementation, we have created a new engine for managing time-limited special offers, competitions, and bonuses. A new special offer is defined in three easy steps, namely:

  • Defining the scope, using existing zones;
  • Entering limiting conditions, such as recruiting a specified minimum number of people, a specific structure turnover, discretionary rewards;
  • Defining the rewards for meeting the conditions mentioned above, such as a double bonus for a specific settlement period, free training, participation in a company outing, or a specific cash bonus.

The eligibility/boundary conditions and rewards may be connected using logical operators (AND, OR, XOR), ensuring extensive flexibility of the engine, and the ability to create complex promotions.

Collaboration in the development of the HappyCo platform continues to generate new ideas – such as combining webinars with recruitment. For every webinar organized, each HappyCo distributor receives a special affiliate link. When the distributor invites his/her friends to the webinar, he/she sends the link, and such referrals are assigned to the inviting distributor upon enrollment in the marketing structure.

Scope of support under the project:

  • Delivery of the iStruct IT system and post-deployment support
  • Designing and deploying a company website, in cooperation with the ViewOne interactive agency
  • Designing creations for web marketing, in cooperation with the ViewOne interactive agency

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