iStruct Finance – CRM for Agent Networks

iStruct Finance lets you manage a company based on an Agent Network. A CRM bundled with commission calculation modules, is an indispensable tool for your growing business.

Who ?

iStruct Finance is a good choice for both small start-ups and large, well-developed enterprises that use the agency model:

  • Insurance (AXA, Scandia, Generali, etc.)
  • Investments in precious metals
  • Life insurance
  • Unique investment products

Why Us ?

iStruct Finance is a CRM that:

  • Lets you build your business based on any products

  • Lets you integrate commission reports with any external provider (e.g., AXA, Generali)

  • Offers an extensive training module

  • Flexibly adjusts to specific project requirements


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Test the: DEMO

Learn more about the modules of iStruct Finance – CRM for Agent Networks:

  • Structure

    Developing individual groups, special distinctions, easy access to data on current sales, color-coding career steps.

    Commissions and compensation plan

    Organizing electronic and traditional sales channels, easy affiliate enrollment, efficient structure management, effective marketing tools – these are only a few of the reasons that make iStruct an irreplaceable component of any company based around the idea of Multi-Level Marketing.

    • effective structure management
    • effective marketing tools
    • iStruct is becoming irreplaceable element
    • open company
    • Multi-Level Marketing model

    Effective structure management, productive marketing tools – these are just a few of the reasons why iStruct is becoming irreplaceable in developing a company based on the Multi-Level Marketing Model.

    Full functionality description

    Pobierz PDF
  • Applications and policies

    Any fields in the new application form, payment tracking and service provision management linked with statuses and dates.

  • Compensation plan

    Referral commissions, quick promotions, the 50% clause, additional distinctions – these are but a few out of the many possibilities to reward your Agents.

  • Statistics and reports

    Tracking own promotions and structure promotions, precise and detailed commission reports and training participation statistics.

  • Contacts

    Contact import from Excel, inviting contacts for trainings, converting contacts into customers, list management – intuitive, functional, comfortable.

  • Trainings

    Online ticket sales, automated voucher generation (in PDF), attendance lists, price differentiation based on participant status.


How will the iStruct deployment process look for your project:

  • Collecting requirements

    We meet and talk to jointly determine the right configuration of the system.

  • Software deployment

    The development team led by a dedicated Project Manager transforms the documentation into a fully functional IT system.

  • Official launch

    After both we and you are sure that the result of our work matches the initial assumptions, the application is launched in the production environment.

  • Creating documentation

    Our consultant will create a hardcopy description of the system’s functionality.


    At this stage we jointly check, test and improve delivered software.

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