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Industry: Beauty Products, Perfume


Organic Life S.A. is a Polish family-run company which manufactures unique and effective plant-based cosmetics. With collaboration from influential figures and experts in herbalism, phytoregulation and cosmetics, Organic Life is able to foresee future trends in the industry. Products by Organic Life BeautyLab S.A. include extracts from fresh plants grown in organic farms, and the suppliers are carefully selected. Organic Life buy their raw products only from suppliers of cosmetics and pharmaceutical resources with proven track record of highest quality, to ensure the final active substances are also top quality. Their lab creates cosmetics using a very deliberate process, focusing on synergies between ingredients to improve outcomes. Cosmetic products from Organic Life are safe. They are suitable for use by allergy sufferers and people with sensitive skin, which was validated by extensive dermatological and gynaecological testing. They are recommended for problematic and demanding skins. Organic Life branded products have been successful on Polish and international markets for over 16 years.

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