Affiliate Program

Affiliate Program

Support your sales with an Affiliate Program

An Affiliate Program is a perfect tool for supporting sales in your company. Ask your satisfied customers for referrals, offer them discounts for future purchases in return for successful referral enrollment, and enjoy the benefits.

Its benefits

There are many reasons why Affiliate Programs are an effective way to promote your company and its products/services, including:


  • High ROI – easy to deploy and the potential to quickly generate substantial value
  • Ability to leverage an existing customer base
  • Apart from gaining new customers, the potential also to increase the loyalty of your existing ones
  • Many experts promote products and services through affiliate programs on a daily basis


What products/services?

Affiliate Programs can be used to support the sales of virtually any product or service that can be sold via the Web.

Their mode of operation and promotion tools are universal, something reflected in their great and constantly growing popularity.


  • A one-stop shop for all the services you need – through end-to-end support when launching a new project
  • Flexibility and peace of mind – through stable and tested software, customizable to accommodate different needs and assumptions
  • Great growth potential, thanks to a team experienced in international projects of varied scales
  • Credibility in the eyes of affiliates, through industry specialization and broad expertise demonstrated by its wide-ranging deployment portfolio
  • Maximum returns and elevating the organization to the next level, via sound use of the money invested in the business
  • More effective recruitment, thanks to state-of -the -art solutions contributing to an innovative image of your company


“I can recommend InSee as a professional deployment partner for IT systems supporting affiliate programs that ensure constant cooperation and development of your affiliates.”

Adam Powiertowski - President of the Management Board S.A.

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