Meet Our Partners

InSee provides technology and advisory services to design and develop business activity based on commission payments model.
We know that you can’t be best in everything. Therefore, we liaise with a group of strong business partners, true experts in their respective areas. This to ensure that your business receives all the benefits it deserves.

Lionbridge - translations and internationalization


Lionbridge is world’s largest localization company. They offer solutions for translations, online marketing, content management in multiple languages, and application testing, which help customers launch, sell, and support new products and services.

PostNord Fulfilment - logistics outsourcing


PostNord Fulfilment provides state-of-the-art logistic solutions for MLM and e-commerce.
When partnering with customers, they design unique solutions customised to their specific requirements. They integrate processes and optimize company operations in areas such as fulfilment, storage, kitting, distribution, and return management.

Elżbieta Pełka Creative Services - PR agency

Pełka logo

Elżbieta Pełka Creative Services (Pełka 360˚) is an integrated marketing company. They provide brand management services, including strategy design, market analysis, and marketing campaigns. Their PR department focuses on Corporate PR, Brand PR, internal and crisis communications, and event marketing.

Evenea - event marketing


Evenea is an online platform for event organizers. It enables effective management by providing tools for member registration, ticket pre-sales, multi-channel ticket distribution, establishing and maintaining contact with members, and validation of tickets and invitations at the entry.

Commercial Comunications - PR Agency

Commercial Communications

Commercial Communications is a dynamic agency, offering full service PR, e-PR, event management, advertising, and marketing, including multi-level marketing (MLM). We also provide our Clients with Crisis Management, Personal Branding, and a wide range of tools for direct sales business. We are one of the few Polish companies offering Scent Marketing services.

General Advisors - recruitment and consulting in MLM/DS

General Advisors Logo

GENERAL ADVISORS provide HR consulting related to executive search and consulting services for top management in MLM/DS companies. For customers in those industries, they find managers for any level from pan-European pool of talent.

DotPay - Electronic Payments


dotPay is present on the market ever since 2001 (until 2008, under the name AllPay). It is an unquestioned leader on the European market of financial support (financial agency services) in terms of money transfers between buyers and sellers in the Web.

Grenkeleasing - leasing IT infrastructure


GRENKELEASING specializes in financing cutting-edge technologies, with special emphases on computer hardware and software, as well as on photocopying, photography, medical, and telecom hardware.

Serwer SMS - Mobile Marketing


The platform is an online tool that supports marketing activities, in a broad sense. Mobile marketing, and the SMS/MMS/VMS communication channel have emerged as perfect ways to reach the customer.

insERT - Warehouse and Accounting Software

insert - programy dla firm

insERT S.A. – In terms of numbers of licenses sold, insERT S.A. is a leading vendor of software for SMEs in Poland. Since its establishment, it has sold over 500 thousand licenses to over 250 thousand companies.

Unizeto Technologies - Services Certification

Unizeto Technologies - Logo

Unizeto Technologies SA is an IT company renowned both in Poland and worldwide, in operation since 1965. In 1998, it created Poland’s first public certification authority (CERTUM Powszechne Centrum Certyfikacji) providing electronic signature services.

Amazon Web Services - Cloud Servers


Amazon Web Services is one of world’s largest cloud computing platforms.

Hetzner - Dedicated Servers


Hetzner Online is a professional hosting service provider and an experienced data center operator. Since its establishment in 1997, it has delivered consumers and organizations with high quality infrastructure, having emerged as one of the largest companies of this type in Central and Eastern Europe.

hyperWallet - Virtual Wallets for Distributors


hyperWALLET Systems Inc. is a global provider of mass payment distribution services related to compensation payments. hyperWALLET’s customers include Monavie, Forever Living Products, and Organo Gold.

ViewOne - Interactive Agency


ViewOne is an interactive agency offering professional image building on the Web and beyond.

IT Law Solutions - legal facilities for MLM


IT Law Solutions (ITLS) is a company specializing in legal aspects of conducting business in the Web and providing legal support to MLM companies.

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