Multi-Level Marketing (MLM)

Multi-Level Marketing (MLM)

Tap into the power of Multi-Level Marketing (MLM)

Multi-Level Marketing, Network Marketing, and Social Commerce – all these being terms referring to an exceptional business model currently developing by leaps and bounds. Tap into the power of Multi-Level Marketing to boost your product and services sales!

Its benefits


Multi-Level Marketing is a distribution model based on referred purchases. Its development has been boosted by the proliferation of all kinds of social media. In the world of the Internet and advanced technology, MLM provides a unique vehicle to establish an efficient sales organization with a very predictable cost model.

Easy geographic scalability infuses MLM with an extremely high growth potential!

What products/services?

Today, a wide variety of products and services are sold under MLM, with perfumes, beauty products and dietary supplements still occupying the top spot. But the market is also witnessing the introduction of new, innovative products such as e-cigarettes, travel, or eco-friendly food. Depending on the product, its pricing, and reusability, today’s MLM businesses are either more consumer- or sales-oriented.


  • A one-stop shop for all the services you need – through end-to-end support when launching a new project
  • Flexibility and peace of mind – through stable and tested software, customizable to accommodate different needs and assumptions
  • Great growth potential – thanks to a team experienced in international projects of varied scales
  • Credibility in the eyes of affiliates, through industry specialization and broad expertise demonstrated by its wide-ranging deployment portfolio
  • Maximum returns and elevating the organization to the next level, via sound use of the money invested in the business
  • More effective recruitment, thanks to state-of -the -art solutions contributing to an innovative image of your company

“In the recent years of crisis, this sales model (MLM – Multi-Level Marketing, also known as network marketing) has become the most dynamic form of sales worldwide, gaining 15-20% in terms of turnover each passing year.”

“InSee is a young but experienced team. The offer they sent us has been thoroughly customized to meet our needs. We are completely satisfied with our cooperation with InSee, and we can absolutely recommend it.”

Tomasz Jagielski - President of the Management Board e-nnova Sp. z o.o.

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