Visual Identification

Visual Identification for an MLM company

Identyfikacja Wizualna

Operating under the Multi-Level Marketing model is based on a company’s relations with distributors who evaluate the company each and every day as to its credibility, consistency, and professionalism.

Nothing better evokes positive emotions towards the company than a meaningful and consistent company identity. It is, after all, the visual aspect that makes the first impression. Look at your competition and their pursuit of consistent client communication strategies. The competitive advantage you gain through the image you project will expand the number of your distributors over time, something which, in turn, will translate into increased sales.

Main components of an MLM company’s visual identity may include a:

  • Logo
  • Name card
  • Letterhead
  • Folder
  • Envelope
  • Official e-mail footer
  • Notepad
  • Pen

Value for you:

  • Professional image that spells credibility
  • Loyal distributors that identify themselves with the company
  • Easier scalability and globalization

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