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In starting up a new business, you need to anticipate what the future might bring. As sales grow, so will your operational needs, and it is operational inefficiency that is often the culprit in an abrupt collapse. To avoid this, choose a solution today capable of being scaled up to support your company through every stage of its development – from its very initial phase all the way to its international expansion!

Plan your strategy right

Starting a company requires a well-defined strategy. This is especially important given today’s extremely competitive market. You need a solid foundation, upon which to build future success. You need to think of ways to stand out, to create your value proposition, to determine how to introduce your products or services to the market, and build a distribution network.



Create an appealing compensation plan

A well-defined compensation plan, consistent with a carefully crafted strategy, is the key to your success. Nothing will motivate your future sales representatives better than favorable compensation arrangements, optimally adjusted to your products and mission. We can offer you our expertise in this area to help you devise appealing ways to motivate people in your distribution network.



Choose software that will keep up with you

Nothing can frustrate you more than software that one day ends up capping your development potential. That is why you should choose a system that is scalable in terms of the number of distributors, language layers, currencies, warehouses, and commission settlements. We will provide you with stable software that will not only meet your expectations, but also contribute to the perception of your company as innovative and modern.



  • A one-stop shop for all the services you need through end-to-end support when launching a new project
  • Flexibility and peace of mind, through stable and tested software, customizable to accommodate different needs and assumptions
  • Certainty and safety, thanks to the ability to test the premises of your compensation plan on large datasets, and obtain help in developing the plan from scratch
  • Great growth potential, thanks to a team experienced in international projects of varied scale
  • Credibility in the eyes of affiliates due to industry specialization and broad expertise, proven by a broad deployment portfolio

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