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Industry: Beauty Products, Dietary Supplements


Our cooperation with E-nnova, operator of the WellU.eu portal, started with deploying a Web platform for end-to-end network traffic management. Ever since, we have been providing continuous support to E-nnova in its international expansion, and delivery of innovative ideas pertaining to next-generation technology, social trends, and network marketing.

Distinctive deployment components

Prominent among the countless ideas and innovations implemented by our client, were:

  • Breaking down the project into two dimensions: a shopping and social dimension, and another one focused on marketing and business. At one stage in its development, E-nnova decided to build a separate shopping and social platform under the wellU brand, a name suggestive of the community’s focus – the wellness trend. The platform is supplemented with a dedicated application for managing network business. Interestingly, in spite of technological separation between wellU.eu and the virtual office, they share the same database. This allows for efficient use of distribution tools and data in both applications.
  • Introduction of the “zone” engine. The manner in which wellU’s international expansion is managed, forced us to perform a general overhaul of the software development logic. The earlier parameterization of the content scope being published and sent, wherein commission calculation was being divided up for individual countries, has been replaced with a zonal model. It groups together all countries sharing the same currency, all warehouses and company branches managing distinct markets. This change provided even more of a global view of network business development, and allowed for completely supporting this development with proper software. With deployment of the zone engine, changes have been made in virtually all software modules. It was the largest single modification of iStruct in the system’s history.
  • Implementation of an advanced special offer module. The manner in which the discount and special offer policy was managed in wellU prompted us to create an advanced special offer wizard that allows for defining offer conditions and identifying the rewards to be received, contingent on meeting certain conditions. Moreover, the conditions and the rewards can be combined or excluded using logical operators. Such an engine frees up the creativity of the marketing team and gives them unlimited possibilities to support sales. This module proved to be so good that we have incorporated it permanently into iStruct.

Scope of support under the project:

  • Delivery of the iStruct IT system and post-deployment support
  • Analysis of the compensation plan, complete with calculations
  • Consulting
  • Designing and deploying the Nutrivi website, in cooperation with the ViewOne interactive agency
  • Designing and deploying wellu.eu interfaces, in cooperation with the ViewOne interactive agency

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