iStruct upgraded with text message plug-ins


iStruct upgraded with text message plug-ins and InSee, vendor of the iStruct software for sales network management, launched cooperation in the area of bulk text messaging (SMS). As a result, the software gained two plug-ins enabling distribution of short text messages: the SMSing module and the Automated Notifications module.

“iStruct is a modular, flexible platform that enables free functionality, expansion, and integration with external systems, such as, our technology partner providing plug-ins enabling iStruct to communicate with customers using text messages. Communication is an extremely important business process. Thanks to the automation we now can provide, iStruct generates real savings” – said Tomasz Kopera, Vice President of the Management Board of InSee Sp. z o.o.

The SMSing module allows the system administrator to execute mass text messaging jobs to inform users about special offers, etc. Text messages sent by iStruct via the SMSing module can be customized using the recipients’ names. The SMSing module is especially helpful when sending text messages in- bulk to foreign numbers, because it dynamically calculates the number of messages that need to be sent, based on the network prefix of each number. Moreover, when entering a message in the SMSing module, the administrator is informed in real-time about the remaining number of usable characters, enabling better control over the number of text messages sent to recipients. The sender can be identified using a preset number or a random 9-digit number. The module also offers freely definable and customizable message templates for future reuse.

The Automated Notifications module allows the administrator to notify users about certain system events, such as receiving payment for an order, shipment of an order, changes in profile data, or new user enrollment.

“Due to their efficiency, delivery speed, and low cost, text messages are ideal to use for business process improvement. We are happy that our cooperation with InSee has seen yet another software platform being integrated into our mass text message sending modules. This is a very important sector for us; in terms of the number of integrations, we are a leader of the Polish market in this area” – said Daniel Zawiliński, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer,

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