Maintain and Register Data Sets with GIODO

Maintain and Register Data Sets with GIODO

Each business entity uses personal data, which undergoes processing during normal course of action. Law requires such entities to implement dedicated procedures which are described in detail in two key documents:

  • Security policy
  • IT systems management manual

Existence and implementation of those policies is verified during audits by the Inspector General for the Protection of Personal Data.

Your benefits:

  • Compliance with requirements to maintain documentation, as specified in relevant law for data processors.
  • Improved security for data sets held in your company.
  • Peace of mind during any audit by GIODO.
  • Reduced risk of unauthorised data sharing.
  • Improved credibility and trust from business partners and government agencies.
  • Greatly reduced risk of fines for non-compliance with personal data protection requirements.
  • Comprehensive service to report your set of personal data to GIODO database (we manage full lifecycle, from request submission to successful registration), which ensures compliance with legal requirement.
  • Confidence from handling the request by experts.

What data sets need to be reported to GIODO?

  • Customer database
  • Newsletter databases
  • Contest databases
  • Shareholder lists (if they include individuals)
  • Communication records
  • Goods dispatch records
  • Beneficiaries of association/club

Therefore, the statutory requirement to report and register personal data sets with the database maintained by the Inspector General for the Protection of Personal Data (GIODO) applies to most data processors.

Scope of service

  • Security audit for personal data processing
  • Develop Security Policy
  • Develop IT Systems Management Manual
  • Collect and complete any required appendices
  • Implement the policies
  • Register the data set with GIODO (we assume full responsibility for the registration process)

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